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Beyond the Diagnosis Machine; A must have handy software's and tools

You already have a good comprehensive Diagnosis tool, you need not stop there. There are a ton of other cool & handy diagnostic accessories and software's that can work independently or with your diagnosis machine. Let’s dive in and explore a few

1. Digital Inspection Camera/ Scope

Autel have taken the notch higher and made some really cool inspection cameras that can work with their Maxisys series of tools or with any PC. The Digital inspection camera mv105 and mv108 are just an excitement in themselves. The beauty in inspecting hard to reach places in a car such as spark plug chambers, hidden compartments and other such like places that would call for tedious dismantling to inspect. If you don’t have an Autel Maxisys tool, worry not you can use a normal PC with the scopes.

2. Oscilloscope

Sounds like we are in a hospital right? Not yet. The oscilloscope in the auto industry is a handy tool that works in combination with your PC or MaxiSys Tablet, which turns into a powerful diagnostic tool, providing you an insight to the inner workings of a vehicle’s electronic circuits. Featuring the user-friendly UI design combined with the unrivaled

hardware specs, the MP408 system is able to measure and test virtually all the electrical and electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicles. Power for the MaxiScope MP408 Module comes directly from the USB port of the connected PC, making the system very versatile and portable to use. Features one-click auto setup of voltage scale and time base .Works on all makes and models of modern vehicles. Compatible with LIN, CAN and FlexRay data bus standards. Reads and displays electrical signals in high resolution waveforms. Allows manual editing of measurement parameter display. Saves and reviews waveform data

3. Digital Circuit Tester

Featuring AVOmeter, test light, built-in flashlight, short circuit indicator, relay/component tester, continuity tester and bad ground indicator, the circuit tester is truly the ultimate in power and affordability, allowing users to check circuitry in one single step. An absolute must for every technician looking for a fast and accurate solution to electrical system diagnostics. The PowerScan PS100 circuit tester by Autel is one such tool. Performs every type of service including power injection, measurement, ground testing, polarity checks, and continuity testing and components activation. Easy to read AVOmeter allows you to read voltage, current and resistance at the fingertip. With a flip of the power switch, you have an instant hot/ground lead for powering up electrical components like cooling fans, relays, etc. Simultaneously uses the hot lead and the ground lead to activate components right in your hand. Instantly identifies positive, negative and open circuits. Tests for bad ground contacts instantly, allowing you to follow and locate shorts fast without wasting fuses. Instantly checks continuity of switches, relays and diodes.


Like the name, this is all the data you need to have as a resource center for anything in the auto industry; car parts numbers, wiring diagrams etc. This purely a software package. Founded in 1986 to meet market demand for OE repair information. As computer technology took hold, ALLDATA began compiling the largest single source of OEM information available and converted it into a digital format. ALLDATA is known for online OEM information, used by over 300,000 professional technicians worldwide.

5. Injector Tester

Common rail injector tester can accurately and effectively imitate ECU drive signal for each work condition of injector, such as pre injection, emission point and full load point conditions. For injectors such as: Bosch, Denso, and Delphi. Common rail injector tester is an easy and conveniently operated tool that can perform testing with the injector hand pumps.

6. CarProg

Due to licensing issues, car diagnosis machines cannot carry out some tasks, the dirty little tricks are left for such tools as Carprog, Digimaster etc. Tasks that carprog carries out are tuning ECU, Airbag reset, Odometer correction, Radio code reset, Mileage reset, Dashboard programming, Immobilizer code extraction, Transponder programming. Legality of some of the tasks it carries out, can be argued form different sides of the same coin.

Just some of the few accessories and softwares that we though are a must have for serious car enthusiast

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