VPecker Xtuner T1 is a new Heavy-duty PC-to-vehicle diagnostic interface compatible with multiple software applications, it is available to diagnose 24 volts heavy-duty trucks, buses & equipment.




  • Wide coverage of heavy duty vehicles
  • Supports a wide range of languages and currently supports 22 languages
  • Complete function capability including DTC, DTC freeze Info, Live data, Operation test and Special functions.
  • Supports J1939, J1708 and J1587 protocols
  • Supply USB and WIFI connection for the VCI.
  • Present OBD2 and 10 other connectors
  • Very easy to use with touch screen control and intuitive control in the windows.
  • The hardware runs stably with built-in overvoltage protection to avoid hardware damage due to voltage instability and good operation in low and high temperature environments.
  • Compared to other heavy duty diagnostic machines, the T1 Xtuner is  cost-effective


Systems Coverage


  • 1.Engine system
  • 2.Body control system
  • 3.SRS system Airbag
  • 4.ABS-anti-lock brake system
  • 5.Instrument System
  • 6.Transmission system
  • 7.Brake control system
  • 8.Unit pump system
  • 9.Common Rail System
  • 10.Electronical control system
  • 11.Natural gas system
  • 12.Tail gas after-treatment system
  • 13.Air-conditioning system
  • 14.ATA-Anti-theft alarm system
  • 15.AHA-Auxiliary heating system air-to-air
  • 16.AUS-Audio system
  • 17.BMS-Brake Management System
  • 18.Bosch DENOX AdBlue System
  • 19.Break control system
  • 20.BWS-Preparation system
  • 21.CCS-Climate control system
  • 22.Comfort/assistance/safety systems
  • 23.Compressed Air Reserve system
  • 24.CSS-Collision safety system
  • 25.CTS-Clock and Time System
  • 26.EBS-Electronically Controlled Brake System
  • 27.EHLA-Electrohydraulic steering system
  • 28.EMS-Engine Management System
  • 29.Fuel system
  • 30.Exhaust Pressure Adjustment systems
  • 31.ECM-Engine Control Module
  • 32.Speed control systems
  • 33.Turbo Control systems


XTUNER T1 Auto Diagnostic Function List:


  • Read ECU Info
  • Read DTCs
  • Erase DTCs
  • Clear learning value
  • Data Stream
  • Actuations
  • Read freeze frame data
  • Read/Write VIN
  • Basic Reset
  • Control unit adaptations
  • Air bleeding
  • Level calibration
  • Idle speed learning
  • Idle speed Adjustment
  • Camshaft timing control learning


XTUNERT1 HD Special Functions:


  • DPF Manual Forced,
  • DPF Normal Regeneration.
  • Injector Codes,
  • Fuel Pump,
  • Oil change,
  • Exhaust Pressure Adjustment,
  • EGR Solenoid Test,
  • EGR Pulse Ratio Test,
  • ECM,
  • Vehicle Speed Control,
  • Cylinder compression test,
  • Cylinder balancing test,
  • Cylinder shut off test,
  • Write Engine Serial Number,
  • Turbo Control

VPecker Xtuner T1 Heavy Duty Truck Diagnosis

Ksh120,000.00 Regular Price
Ksh110,000.00Sale Price