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VW Crankshaft Sprocket Counter Hold Tool


  • Timing Belt Change Tool VW
  • Crankshaft Counter-Hold Tool for VW
  • Crankshaft Holding Wrench for VW
  • For the professional mounting and dismounting of the camshaft, changing the timing belt, checking and setting the camshaft control times, locking the crankshaft, etc.
  • For mounting and dismounting the timing belt sprockets on the camshaft, crankshaft, vibration damper and injection pump.
  • To be used as VAG 3415 (T30004), suitable for VAG engines 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 litres.
  • For example, for the engine IDs ADX, AEA, AEE, AEH, AEX, AFH, AFK, AGP, AGR, AHW, AJM, AKL, ALN, AMF, ANA, ANY, APE, APF, ARM, ATJ, AUA, AWH, etc.
  • With a long handle for ease of use

VW Crankshaft Sprocket Counter Hold Timing Tool

Ksh15,000.00 Regular Price
Ksh12,000.00Sale Price
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