X-431 PRO5 opens the era of dual diagnostic modes (local diagnosis and SmartLink remote diagnosis)


  • Inherits the powerful diagnostic strength of PRO series
  • Numerous special functions
  • Wide vehicle model coverage
  • Strong diagnostic functions
  • Accurate diagnostic data
  • Support “read DTC”, “clear DTC”, “read data stream”, “special functions”, “actuation test”, “coding” and “matching”
  • Support guided functions
  • Support extend modules - endoscope and anti-theft key matching
  • Support ADAS calibration
  • Support remote diagnosis and diagnostic feedback
  • Support query of maintenance data and testable models
  • Support the saving, enquiry and viewing of reports and the viewing of diagnostic records

Launch X431 PRO 5 PRO5

Ksh300,000.00 Regular Price
Ksh260,000.00Sale Price