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LAUNCH X431 SMARTLINK C HD III Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Module, Works With Launch X-431 V+, X-431 PRO3S, PRO5 or X-431 PAD 7 as host machine.....  


New generation professional heavy-duty truck diagnostic tool It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and other communication methods, and can be used with X-431 PRO3S, X431 Pro5 and X431 V+ 4.0 series. The SmartLink C applies to vehicles that comply with CAN/DoIP/CAN FD/J2534 diagnostic protocol standard.


  • Identification of control units
  • Adaptation of control units
  • Reset service intervals
  • Reading vehicle data streams
  • Display of current system parameters
  • Check actuators
  • Reading and erasing vehicle fault codes


Intelligent diagnosis: In the state of networking, it can automatically identify vehicle information and complete rapid diagnosis. It can also check the history record of vehicle maintenance online, which is the first in the industry;
Remote diagnosis: The self-developed and patented IM remote diagnosis technology can be quickly accessed remotely through terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., and the network broadband and system resources occupation rate is low;
Diagnostic feedback: In the process of using the vehicle and function abnormalities under special circumstances, you can feedback the problem to Launch Company, and there will be special technicians to track and handle it;
Maintenance information: More than 1600 models, more than 10,000 GB of maintenance database, including online video, circuit diagram, maintenance manual, maintenance cases, operation skills, etc., online inquiry at any time, can also provide detailed fault code help, improve diagnostic efficiency;
Traditional diagnosis: When in a network-free environment, intelligent diagnosis cannot be used. At this time, traditional diagnosis can be selected, and the vehicle and vehicle models can be manually selected for vehicle fault detection.
Diagnostic record: record the local vehicle maintenance record, you can check the vehicle record that the machine has diagnosed, and you can quickly enter the system of the vehicle for detection when it is diagnosed again;
Personal Center: Personal data center, including my report, my connector, diagnostic connector connection management, connector activation, firmware repair, personal information, modify user password, settings, etc.





Launch X-431 SmartLink C Heavy Duty Diagnosis

Ksh200,000.00 Regular Price
Ksh180,000.00Sale Price
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