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 LAUNCH X431 Pro mini v3.0 Full system diagnostic tool


WANT A BI-DIRECTIONAL TOOL?: LAUNCH X431 PROS MINI diagnostic tool is the tool for you. It features Bi-Directional Control (Active Test) to request information or command an actuator to perform specific tests, such as turning the fuel pump on and off, cycling the a/c clutch on and off, performing an evaporative emissions leak test, fast troubleshooting your car, not simply by reading codes, reading live data.


Handles all OBD-I & OBD-II Vehicles


  • 2 YEARS FREE UPDATE: Via WIFI, you can update software with just one-click and it’s free within 2 YEARS. So you can use this frequently-upgraded LAUNCH scanner to diagnose the newest vehicles on the market. 
  • BEST HAREWARE + TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: This scan tool LAUNCH X431 PROS MINI equips with Android OS. LAUNCH PROS MINI also offers you: Remote Diagnostic, 1to1 diagnostic feedback and respond, Data Stream record and playback, Vehicle Health Report, Maintenance Help.
  • RESET + INITIATION + ADAPTATION + MATCHING + CODING: LAUNCH X431 PROS MINI supports Auto VIN Detect, ECU Coding, Gear Reset, SAS Reset, TPMS Reset, DPF REG., Key Coding, BMS Reset, Throttle Matching, Oil Reset, ABS Bleeding, Brake Reset, Injector coding, helping you safely and effectively access to the vehicle systems to reset partial parameters’ status after repair and maintenance work.
  • ALL SYSTEMS DIAGNOSTICS For OVER 150 CAR MAKES: LAUNCH X431 PROS MINI diagnostic scanner works on over 150 car makes and 10,000 models  to read/erase codes, view live data, do active test and service functions in all vehicle systems, including ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, IMM, BMS, TPMS, SAS, Fuel System, Light System, Wiper System, etc, gives your car a full detection.
  • READ, DIAGNOSE, SERVICE: Functions include viewing live data-stream, reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, component activation, Oil Reset Service/Steering Angle Calibration/Electronic Parking Brake Reset/Battery Register/Battery Maintenance/ABS Bleeding/Electronic Throttle Position Reset/Learn/DPF Regeneration/TPMS Reset/Immobilizer Matching/Fuel Injector Coding. Diagnostic operations including Auto Scan, Manual Scan, General Diagnosis, Service, Data Logging
  • EASY TO USE TOUCHSCREEN INTERFACE: Full color HD display with touchscreen menus for accessing all the X431 testing components. There are comprehensive sections for reading, clearing, saving and printing diagnostic information. Perform active tests, run remote diagnostic tests, review the integral maintenance reference center (including videos), and access regular electrical system repair functions such as resetting the service lights, system calibrations, and much more
  • INTERNET CONNECTIVITY TO MAXIMIZE YOUR WORK EFFICIENCY: The Launch X431 PROS Mini utilizes Bluetooth and Wifi to allow you to work wirelessly while under the hood or under the dashboard. Save time and make your job easier


SERVICE FUNCTIONS > Over 34 Special Functions


  • Oil Reset: Close the oil service light and reset service mileage & service interval after replacing the engine oil.
  • Injector Coding: Write the new injector numbers into the ECU for accurate communication and injection control.
  • EPB Reset: Reset the new electronic parking brake for braking wheels safely again.
  • SAS Reset: Clear memories of the previous steering angle sensor and store the replaced one.
  • TPMS Service: Relearn TPMS sensors so that new sensors can be recognized by ECU.
  • ABS Brake Bleeding:Get a firm brake pad after air exhaustion.
  • BMS Service: Perform a reset on the vehicle battery for clearing the fault information and re-match the battery.
  • DPF Service: Clear particulate matter from the DPF filter to stabilize the filter performances
  • Tooth Learning: Finish tooth learning after changing crankshaft in the car engine, so the new part can be used.
  • Throttle Matching:Initialize the throttle actuators to the default state for regulating throttle (or idle engine) operations accurately.
  • Immobiliser Key Programing :Disable the lost vehicle keys and write new key information into the Vehicle ECU
    • Launch X-431 PRO MINI can program and code the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models, also perform special functions, including:
      1) Oil Reset Service
      2) Steering Angle Calibration
      3) Electronic Parking Brake Reset
      4) Battery Register / Battery Maintenance
      5) ABS Bleeding
      6) Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn
      7) Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration
      8) Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset
      9) Gear Learning
      10) Immobilizer Matching
      11) Fuel Injector Coding
      12)Air Suspension Reset
      13)Gearbox Reset
      14)Sunroof RESET
      15AFS Reset
      16)EGR Reset,,,,,,,,,


Supports Wireless Printing of diagnostic report via the Thermal Launch Mini-Printer that is Sold Separately 

Launch X431 Pro Mini Version 3.0

SKU: 364215376135199
Ksh170,000.00 Regular Price
Ksh160,000.00Sale Price
  • 5 Cables & 7 Connectors

    Launch X431 Pros Mini comes in a complete package which comprises what any user would want to have. This professional Launch Scanner kit includes 5 OBD1 Cables and 7 OBD1 Connectors for European and Asian car manufacturers:

    • 5 OBD1 Cables: OBD1 Adapter / OBD 16pin Extend / Fiat-3 / Nissan-14+16 / Mitsubishi Hyundai-12+16
    • 7 OBD1 Connectors:GM VAZ-12 / Chrysler-6 / Honda-3 / Toyota-17 / Toyota-22 / BMW-20 / Benz-38

    2 Years Free Software Update

    After registering this scan tool, you will be eligible to download all the latest diagnostic software updates being free for 2 years. Updating is simple as it can be done online by connecting your Pros Mini to Wi-Fi, with just one click.

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