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Piezo & Electromagnetic Common Rail Injector Tester


piezo and electromagnetic common rail injector tester is used to test all common rail injectors including piezo type injectors and electromagnetic type injectors.


It can test injectors' quality, injectors' opening, injectors' atomizing and injectors' working. Check injector burn out, leakage or stuck.


  • bosch electromagnetic common rail injectors (solenoid)
  • denso electromagnetic common rail injectors (solenoid)
  • delphi electromagnetic common rail injectors (solenoid)
  • bosch piezo injectors
  • delphi piezo injectors
  • siemens piezo injectors
  • continental piezo injectors



Common Rail Injector Tester

Ksh70,000.00 Regular Price
Ksh65,000.00Sale Price
  • multifunction diesel common rail injector tester:

    • Accurately and effectively to imitate ECU drive signal for each work condition of injector,including pre-injection, emission point, full load point conditions.
    • Easy operate to test with the injector hand pumps - Small size and light weight
    • Test application for BOSCH,DENSO,DELPHI common rail injectors
    • Power Supply: AC110v-240V
    • Working Temperature: -30C°-70C°
    • The adjustable pulse width:10MS
    • Adjustable frequency:30HZ 
    • Operator Interface - LCD screen:
    • The upper left corner of the instrument is used to display the frequency pulse width value.
    • Indicator light: to show current status and drive mode.
    • Size:110*250*190mm

    Buttons Introduction

    • Button of Run & Stop:to turn on and off the signal output.
    • Drive mode:Select the drive mode by the left and right keys.
    • MS knob: to adjust pulse width.
    • HZ knob: to adjust frequency.
    • Signal outlet: to connect injector harness.
    • Power supply: to turn on and off the main power

    Operational Method

    How to test common rail injectors?

    1. Load common rail injector into the clamp and connected to the common hand pressure calibrator
    3. Select the appropriate plug according to the injector brand and then connect the wiring harness to the injector.
    4. According to the injector brand, select the corresponding drive mode. At this time, you can hear the injector solenoid valve suction armature "pa,pa" sound.
    5. Provide the proper injection pressure by continuously lowering the lever of the calibrator. The general pressure value is 30-40MPA, and the atomization performance of the injector can be observed at this time.
    6. Through the external cylinder, fuel oil quantity and return oil quantity of fuel injector can be detected.
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