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Camshaft Alignment Vanos Engine Timing Locking Tool Kit Compatible for with BMW M40/M42, M50, M60/M62/M62TU,M70 engines

  • A comprehensive Master tool set, compatible with BMW M40/M42, M50, M60/M62/M62TU , M70 engines, performs camshaft timing on M60 for BMW engines and camshaft + VANOS timing on M62 Engines.
  • Function: The Camshaft Crankshaft Timing Alignment Locking Tool Kit is used to correct the camshaft and crankshaft timing for Maximum efficiency in your repair work
  • Constructed from forged high carbon steel for strength and longevity with home and professional use, maintains tool stability in every high-intensity job
  • Package Includes: alignment/timing tools, Vanos camshaft timing tool, rigid chain tensioner, Vanos electromagnetic valve socket, chain tensioning bracket trestle, top dead center pin
  • When replacing the timing, this tool set can help you correctly complete the engine timing and install/the timing device, and assist in the timing chain replacement and work.

BMW M40s M50 M60s M70 Engine Timing Toolkit

Ksh30,000.00 Regular Price
Ksh25,000.00Sale Price
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