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AUTOOL DM303 Digital Multimeter Oscilloscope


  • AUTOOL DM303 Digital Multimeter
  • Oscilloscope Auto-Ranging TRMS
  • Voltage and Current, Resistance
  • Frequency, Continuity
  • Car ECU Detection
  • K line and CAN Bus Signal
  • Injector Test
  • Sensor Signal


The multimeter can accurately measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, AC/DC current, capacitance, frequency, diodes, duty cycle and fire wire. DC voltage 0 ~ 1000V, AC voltage 0 ~ 700V, DC/AC Current 0 ~ 20A, 0 ~ 200mA, Resistance 0 ~ 1MΩ, Frequency 1 ~ 1MHZ, Continuity circuit test and ignition signal test to meet all test requirements.


Oscilloscope Waveform test bandwidth of 500KHZ, using variable sampling frequency, can measure slowly changing signal, suitable for automotive maintenance to measure and observe various signal quantities on automotive circuits, including motor drive signals, motor power voltage on electric vehicles, ignition signals, camshaft signals, crankshaft signals, wheel speed sensor signals, oxygen sensor signals, etc. of fuel car engines.

Simply select the mode and connect your leads. The multimeter will automatically select the appropriate measurement depending on what it detects. With True RMS, the DM301 portable multimeter provides you with the clear, accurate readings whenever and wherever you need them.


Equipped with 8 wiring lines for different functions. They are multi-function test line, battery clip line, ignition pulse signal test line, car circuit test line, jumper and multimeter probe. The multi-function test line is used to test the battery voltage, test the fuel injector and relay, test the K-wire and CAN bus signal, test the car ECU, and test the car parts.


Color display screen with backlight for clear reading. Built-in flashlight for dark environments. Adjustable screen brightness, button sound and sleep time to meet your various needs and various working environments, making your measurements more convenient.

AUTOOL DM303 Digital Automotive Multimeter Oscilloscope

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