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  • The unit is the best electrical tester for reducing diagnostic time in automotive electrical systems .
  • Its long cable makes your testing easily.
  • After a simple hook-up of the unit to the vehicle's battery, automotive technician can conduct a positive or negative battery current to the tip by rocking the power switch forward or backward.
  • The unit has short-circuit protection and can test for bad ground contacts instantly.
  • It allows you to track and locate short circuits.
  • It can also test for continuity with the assistance of its auxiliary ground lead.
  • It is a comprehensive 6-24V DC test kit.
  • 【Polarity test】 When the polarity of the circuit under test is unknown, the positive and negative poles of the circuit can be tested.(Red light indicates positive pole, green light indicates negative pole.)
  • 【Open circuit test】With the polarity of the circuit under test unknown,it can be tested to see if the circuit is in a continuous state or in an open-circuit state. (The green light is on means the circuit is in a continuous state; the green light is off, it means the circuit is open.)
  • 【Diode test】Quickly test the working status of the diode assembly and determine whether the circuit is open or continuous.
  • 【Grounding test】It can detect whether the component has a large current flow, and test whether the negative grounding of the component is good.(The green light is on with a beep, indicating that the grounding is good; the green light is on without beep,indicates poor grounding.

Automotive Electric System Tester

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